Omron Peak Flow Meter PFM20

Omron Peak Flow Meter PFM20

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Omron Peak Flow Meter PFM20 allows for accurate monitoring of peak expiratory flow in L/min, enabling easy, user-friendly therapy management. The helpful zone-marking (red/yellow/green) allows an individual monitoring of the current state of bronchial obstruction, e.g. in the case of COPD.
PEF measurements are part of asthma-management programs. Using the Omron PFM20 peak flow meter before and after your medication will clearly show the results. The very compact design is suitable for both children and adults. 



  • Reusable mouthpiece
  • A Peak Flow Meter accurately measures Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (or PEFR) to tell you how quickly air is leaving your lungs
  • Instant readings help you track any changes in your air flow
  • Compact design allows you to check your PEFR discreetly any time you want
  • Assists detection of pending asthma attack
  • Dual Flow Range accurately measures for both adults and children.

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